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Tour-W Black Nickel

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The Tour-W Wedge is designed for golfers seeking a high-performing, versatile option around the green and from the sand. Its machined face and grooves combine with a compact, teardrop head shape to improve control from any lie. A tungsten toe weight and small Custom Tuning Port increase the moment of inertia for forgiveness while enhancing club head feel.
  windowsurfer - 6/8/11
Here it is - my answer to endless Golf Channelesque prattle about Tiger-this and Tiger-that. I figure talking about my stupid sore knee is about as relevant as all the Tiger talk, so, in protest, I offer an alternate subject. My stupid knee.
  kronik - 5/15/14
  ppinkert - 5/22/12
  Niblick Forrest - 5/15/12
  bartscott - 5/11/12
  dhalben - 3/12/12
  PingRob - 9/6/11
  shavanni - 8/23/11
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