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Tour Black Chrome Nickel

  - Ping
The new Ping Tour Wedge offers increased versatility and higher spin rates for players seeking a high-performance wedge with classic looks. The compact head and rounded sole allow you to hit almost any shot from any lie. The machined face and grooves help stop the ball faster, especially on short shots around the green, in wet or dry conditions. Slightly smaller than the popular PING Wedges, these wedges have minimal offset, making it easy to align the clubface.
  iluv5pam - 8/12/08
great feel, great spin, and will cut through that tough grass. at address, it feels solid and looks solid.
  drdixon - 5/8/15
  NotGettingBetter - 9/8/14
  gerardooobgolf - 3/24/14
  Bato - 1/9/13
  augustem - 6/9/12
  mzepp - 3/14/12
  duffboy79 - 2/26/12
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