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If you want lower scores and a better short game, EIDOLON Golf can help. Our V-SOLE Wedges are packed with par-saving technology guaranteed to help you shoot lower scores. Our patented V-SOLE technology provides any lie, any shot, any golfer versatility combining both high and low bounce into one advanced sole design. To get the same performance from any other wedge, you'd have to buy two.
  onedollarwed - 4/28/13
No more futzing with bounces and lies. Replaced my Vokeys, getting the ball closer and closer.

With four wedges 47-59, my choice of shaft, length, lie, loft, and grips custom blended to my MP-60 irons, there's no more thinking, just playing!
  GolferAnt - 1/12/12
Received my 48* Eidolon wedge today, figured it would be similar to my Maxfli PW or GW but to my surprise I was shooting more consistent shots with it then I have ever hit. I am still new however, and I get a noticeably better every-time. Also I read the first chapter of "The Stack and Tilt" book so maybe there were other factors at play. But still I felt it was somehow better than my other clubs. Why? I cannot exactly pinpoint
  dustin2777 - 6/11/11
Very smooth shafts, tons of spin. I replaced my Vokey's with them and couldn't be happier.
  HLA - 3/22/11
Simply the best club in my bag, have other Cleveland wedges, no comparassion, this is my go to club.
  BAKE_DAWG40 - 8/18/10
I will NEVER buy another wedge off the shelf again. I have 48*, 52*, *56, & 60* and I love them! Eidolon is the best by far!
  preny - 8/5/10
Why the heck would you buy anything else?

Extremely high-performance, awesome feel with tons of spin.
  birdieXris - 7/28/10
So it has occurred to me that i haven't posted my review on the Eidolon wedges. Holy crap. That is all.

No it's not haha. By far these are the best wedges i've played yet. Thats' not blowing smoke up anyone's a$$ at all. They are. I've swung vokeys and swung clevelands and more recently my srixons. First, i'm absolutely devastating pins with these things. They are DEADLY accurate. Second, all the rumors about the spin are true. The face is like velcro for golfballs. They compress, stick and come off with spin to stop it on greens running 15.

I like the way they look. i like the way they set up. i like the way they swing. They're not as heavy as other wedges though- at least they dont 'feel that way. I don't mind it or notice it when hitting through sand or rough. It also helps me hit more shots with them and flight the ball down if i need.

They're workable too. I can work these things like a 6 iron. Never been able to do that with a wedge before. Overall outstanding clubs. Worth every last dime. I have a 50*, 54* and 58* with their stepless steel shaft in firm flex.
  cheymike - 6/28/10
Although the Eidelon is the first sand wedge I've ever owned, I have GOT to rate it as high as possible. My first round with it included 2 sand shots, 2 chips from deep grass and 2 pitches from short fairway grass. I can't believe the way that V sole handled ALL those conditions. OUTSTANDING!!!
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