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Vokey SM4 Tour Chrome

  - Titleist
Part of Titleist's fourth-generation Bob Vokey-designed Spin Milled™ wedges, the SM4s feature USGA 2010-compliant grooves as well as curving "Spin-Milled" micro-sized edging between the grooves.

Available in 21 different loft-and-bounce combinations ranging from 46° to 64° with a "Tour Chrome" finish.

  CUCU - 2/10/12
New wedges look great, and generate much more spin than the SM3 from the fairway and with proper technique I managed to stop the ball quickly on the green trying a lot of shots from the rough.

The combination of these new wedges with True Temper DG Spinner shaft allows me to hit the ball more smoothly without losing distance or height and most importantly I can maintain a good speed ball, I could see how this new spin on the shaft increased my ProV1 ball almost 700 rpm with respect to traditional wedge shaft.

In my full swing shots I could increase my distance by an average of 10% compared to my previous wedges (Vokey Spin Milled CC Brushed Chrome with Dynamic Gold S300 shaft).

For those looking for more spin with the wedges with grooves allowed by the Rules of Golf, this is one of the best combinations I've tried.
  bjjohnson - 11/29/11
These wedges look great, and spin substantially more from the fairway than the earlier series

For me they spin less out of the rough (bad) and distance wise fly approximately 10% less than my previous wedges
  DLodholz - 8/17/15
  jlarge - 6/24/15
  trey99ek - 5/17/15
  aaja - 2/27/15
  Gonzo875 - 12/13/14
  comeffex - 12/10/14
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