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Vokey Spin Milled C-C Brushed Chrome

  - Titleist
Spin Milled grooves produce a medium trajectory and high spin and conform to the Rules of Golf until 2024, except in tournaments governed by a Condition of Competition. Spin Milled C-C grooves produce a higher trajectory with medium spin and conform to the new 2010 Rules of Golf for grooves and can be used in events that adopt the new rules as a Condition of Competition.
  mattgennuso - 9/5/15
  comeffex - 9/16/14
  deuce5woods - 8/17/14
  kunjakid - 7/21/14
  trey99ek - 6/2/14
  vt1881 - 5/27/14
  RZilla - 4/15/14
  dandee - 4/13/14
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