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X Series Jaws

  - Callaway
This new wedge series takes precision shot-making to new heights. Incorporating Callaway's famous Mack Daddy grooves, these wedges provide incredible control around the green, with shot-stopping spin that allows golfers to take dead aim at the hole. The wedges are constructed from soft 1020 carbon steel using a Triple Net Forging process that creates unparalleled consistency with tour-level feel.
  jpdstephen - 6/25/14
  CKOD - 6/12/14
  deadliner - 5/7/14
  Quique - 2/3/14
  ltcmarcpaul - 9/3/13
  Typhoon - 8/22/13
  DaleD - 8/8/13
  2-Dogs - 7/29/13
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