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Golfer of the Week
Alan McBride
Meet Alan McBride, the newest member of the oobgolf Golfer of the Week Club!  (more)
Best Rounds This Week
Date Course User Score
9/18/14Swanson Meadows Golf CourseDL7498521*
9/19/14Dai Lai Star Golf & Country ClubPhuongkieu117
9/14/14Spring Lakes Golf ClubMiamiMike81361
9/15/14Fairview Farm Golf Courseprimetimesteve63
9/14/14Course at SewaneeTCampb102568
9/17/14St. Andrews Linksritchiegolf69
9/13/14Real Club de la Puerta de Hierroallanza70
9/12/14Falmouth Country Clubskgoggin67
9/18/14Fountains Country Clubnjmarcoaldi70
9/14/14Winnetka Golf Clubjgp64070
9/15/14Cahoon PlantationDwiljr6369
9/13/14Planterra Ridge Golf Clubtsluggo69
*9-holes played
scores weighted using rating & slope
Recent Rounds
Date Course User Score
9/19/14Sentul Highlands Golf ClubSKYWARE109
9/19/14Wembley Golf Coursetanguan45*
9/19/14Yen Thang Golf Resortleemadu98
9/19/14Dam Vac Golf & Country ClubViet6896
9/19/14Dai Lai Star Golf & Country Clublolotica93
9/19/14Hanoi Golf Clubkhanhpro109
9/19/14Hanoi Golf Clubvuvietcuong105
9/19/14Hanoi Golf Clubhobac101
9/19/14Phoenix Golf ResortNguyen Van Tinh108
9/19/14Kings Island Golf ResortNguyen Van Tinh110
9/19/14Long Thanh Golf Club & Residential Estateduongcongthang94
9/19/14Kings Island Golf Resortnamnl95
9/19/14Dai Lai Star Golf & Country ClubNguyen Van Tinh108
9/19/14Tam Dao Golf ResortHungvesbo107
9/19/14Dai Lai Star Golf & Country ClubNguyen Van Tinh103
9/19/14Long Thanh Golf Club & Residential Estateduongcongdoan95
9/19/14Long Thanh Golf Club & Residential Estatenguyen ngoc ngan105
9/19/14Long Thanh Golf Club & Residential Estatehoangtuan103
9/19/14Vietnam Golf & Country ClubTeuliem111
9/19/14Chi Linh Star Golf Clubqap20495
*9-holes played
Lowest Handicap
Handicap: -8.6
Location: ,
Rank: 1st
Rank Golfer Handicap
2 luca.domenella -8.2
3 LongDriver23 -8
4 pinggolfer09 -7.7
5 Hanners -7.3
GIR Percentage
GIR Percentage: 81.3%
Rank: 1st
Rank Golfer GIR
2 MiamiMike813 81.1%
3 rsuhandy 81%
4 ritchiegolf 80.8%
5 Borja Guerrero 80.4%
Fairway Percentage
Fairway Percentage: 138.9%
Rank: 1st
Rank Golfer Fairway
2 carlossosa 128%
3 Huan Bui 115.8%
4 faamaise 112.8%
5 paleFace 99.7%
Average Putts
Avg. Putts: 0
Rank: 1st
Rank Golfer Avg. Putts
2 khoaibong 0.01
3 C Jacob 0.01
4 jhall88 0.01
5 hobac 0.01