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  Middletown/Carlisle, PA
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Stay tuned!

22 members
93.7 average score
16.8 average handicap
David B says:
Paid out 2014 Match Play as follows:
PK/AB = you play or divide $160
DB = 30
Dale = 20 - Need your address to send!
Josh/Ray = 7.50 each - will pay next time we play
David B says:
Guys, it looks like we may not have enough to do FEDEX and Tourneys this year. We will play tourneys by ear. No FedEx cup. We will still do $/$/$ with Hole in one. Remember, we need 4 Golfnutz to do HIO. Please feel free to recruit or bring quests. It would be great to see past GolfNutz alum come back out! Start the countdown. We play on 3/22!
David B says:
2014 Final Standings
AB NET 73/74/147
BH 71/81/152
DB 74/80/154
ES 72/84/156
RJ 69/90/159
NK 83/85/168
DW 91/84/175
JN WD/87/WD87

Cart Match Winner (AB/DB 154)

Congrats to AB for being a 2-peat winner. We look at is mug for another year!
Eddie Stallings says:
No.6 hole,185yds.3 wood hit flag stick in the hole,on the fly.Carlisle Barracks,my first one guys.Played with Sang and John.
David B says:
Match Play results will be posted at the following location:
This is embeded in a page on the NUTZCUP drive. Pay attention to the tab names.
David B says:
Kickoff Classic results:
Dale Walker = Winner!!
Ray W. =2nd
DB = 3rd
Thanks to one and all for coming out and making the day enjoyable.
David B says:
If you are going to be in NUTZCup, please commit by 4/13. $25 buyin. Will post more later. Remember - Nutzcup works similar to FEDEX Cup. Your leaderboard finish allots points. Your finish in tournaments allots points. Points get progressively better - weighted toward end of year. Most points wins! Vegas Dave has this one...again! lol. Commit and have fun!
David B says:
Match Play Double elimination Torunament= Will last multiple weeks. You will have 2 weeks to get match complete. Can be part of regular Sunday round. $25 buyin. Pay top 5 places. Your finish in Kickoff Classic determines your seed in the bracket. Brackets will be posted on GolfNutz gmail drive.
David B says:
GolfNutz Winter Meeting results:
2014 Tournament Dates - Save them now!
GolfNutz Kickoff Classic 4/13 $5 buyin Winner take all.
Mid-Summer Tournament 6/22 $10 buyin. Pay top 3 places.
GolfNutz Championship 9/13-14 $25 buyin. Pay 3 top spots

Match Play Double elimination
This is now. Will last multiple weeks. You will have 2 weeks to get match complete. Can be part of regular Sunday round. $25 buyin. Pay top 5 places. Your finish in Kickoff Classic determines your seed in the bracket.
Updated NutzCup points. We will award points to top 6 at year end tournament.
Open for further disussion: Use Fair Score instead of Net to Par. Read up on Fair Score to understand. Need feedback.

Stay tuned for more details. Hold your tournament dates! Courses will be forthcoming. Open to suggestions.
Raymond W says:
My highlight memories of 2013...
8. Dave not ripping any clothes... do the ripped shorts at Range End count?
7. Keith's Christmas card.
6. Eddie's back hurt, healed, hurt, healed... playing golf the whole time.
5. Beating Ned 99 percent of the time in our matches.
4. AB's 60 yard shot that hit the pin three times at Sportsmans.
3. PK driving the green on hole 10 at sunset but still managing to double bogie.
2. Dale's double hit chip in at Royal Oaks.
1. Dave going sprinting buffalo/raging bull at the Crossing in NC on short par 3.
A-B says:
We'll said Dale,
My wish for you- no 2 shot chippings.

Have a happy and golfy new year.
David B says:
Dale...Great post! My 2014 will make it null and void, but great post!
Raymond W says:
Dave, please do not delete the wish list for an entire year. This is Nutz Gold. My wish for Dale, that he can hit a 15 foot chip with the same confidence as his 290 yard drive. If not, may he own the 6 inch chip with pride.
dmwalker56 says:
My Chistmas wish for all;
For Keith a ball that will never be lost,
For AB May the power in your basement never go out
For Ned a foursome that will always count strokes correctly
For Ed a back made of steel
For Ray a putter with a built in anchor
For Josh a round that he can remember the next day
For Derrick a Sunday with the Golf Nutz
For Rod a pair of Michele's newest shoes
And for the commish a tee shot not followed by a four letter tirade
Now swing away swing away all and to all a good lie.
As you go to bed tonight with visions of birdies dancing in your head I will teeing off in Fla tomorrow instead.
David B says:
Just a reminder....any round played in PA after 11/30 and before 3/31should be considered "out of season" when inputting score. If you play outside of state, use you best judgement. All rounds thus month are considered "in season".
Eddie Stallings says:
My fellow Golfnutz,Sonny and I just finished playing in the Worlds Largest Outing,supporting the Wounded Warriors at Dauphin Highlands along with two of my coworkers where we tied for first place,with a score of 62,that's 10 birdes.Golfnutzs Rules
David B says:
ot's of newbies coming on board! Great. A Reminder of a few rules we use:
1. free drop from Rocks or Roots to nearest point of relief. Intent is to not hurt clubs or wrists.
2. 2 out of bounds- take drop at point of last OB - Laying 4. Idea is to keep pace of play moving.
3. Highest score allowed on any hole is double par. Idea is to keep pace of play.

We generally post tee times on this site by Thur. Please respond here if you wish to play. Goal is to play within 60 minutes of Harrisburg and keep greens fee to $40. We welcome course suggestions and play alternatives. GolfNutz invites all to 3 yearly tournaments. April Kickoff, Mid-Summer Tournament, and a Year End Tournament. Detail generally follow in this site.

Welcome aboard all. Bring a guest
David B says:
Everyone - Congrats to Ned. He aced #16 at Eagles Crossing. 175 yd. par 3...with a DRIVER. One hopped, hit flag, into hole. Click link to see pictures!
David B says:
This is the link for Gettysburg pics taken earlier this summer. Not sure if these show up on 1st link. Sorry.
David B says:

This link will allow you to view Tournament day photos taken my the famous photog - Keith, the camera, Woods. Enjoy. Ingnore the fat guy in green.
David B says:
The above is a link to a Phone List of GolfNutz members. The list can be edited by anyone with the link. Please access and update the info as you see fit. If you wish to keep your phone private and remove from list, that is understandable. Feel free to do so.
Rank User Course Net
1.spachecoDauphin Highlands GC-5
2.spachecoDauphin Highlands GC-5
3.David BMayapple Glf Links0
4.ned khanChambersburg CC0
5.laserboypaLederach GC+1
6.dmwalker56Lago Mar CC+2
7.dmwalker56Lago Mar CC+2
8.David BEagles Crossing GC+3
9.chipnputt71Rich Vlly Glf+4
10.ned khanCumberland GC+5
* only 9-holes played
Recent Rounds
Date User Course Score
5/25dmwalker56Lago Mar CC84
5/24ned khanChambersburg CC93
5/23ned khanCumberland GC96
5/23David BCumberland GC111
5/22spachecoDauphin Highlands GC100
5/17David BMayapple Glf Links96
5/17Eddie StallingsMayapple Glf Links90
5/16spachecoMayapple Glf Links108
5/16chipnputt71Rich Vlly Glf93
5/15ned khanHershey CC: East Crs101
* only 9-holes played